PLT Information

February 28th, 2019
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Braham High School – Community Room
531 Elmhurst Ave S
Braham, MN 55006
Cost: $165 / PLT License Holders (full day)
$125 / ECMECC Members (full day)
$75 / Registered, Non-License Holders (2 hours)

This training will include:

2 CEU Hours – 20160763 Fundamentals of The NEC 2017
This class  includes the purpose of the NEC and Locations that are covered, Definitions, installation restrictions for installations important to the Electrical industry along with licensing restrictions.
This class meets the State requirement for Code hours.

2 CEU Hours -20160612 Basics For Cable And Telephone 2017
This is a 2 hour code class with some of the basics for the Telephone/Fiber, and Cable TV/Broadband Installer.  This class meets the 2 hour code requirement for Registered Unlicensed Technicians as well as 2 hours for Licensed Tech.
This class meets the State requirement for Code hours.

2 CEU Hours – 20160310 Communications Via Alternate Protocols 2016
Communications issues for the Telephone industry:  This class addresses the issues created when technology changes from copper to fiber fed phone lines and the effect on the alarm industry that is addressed in the NFPA 72 2013 edition.
This class meets the State requirement for technical hours.

2 CEU Hours – 20170329 Securing & Supporting 2017
Securing and supporting covers the rules for fastening cables and equipment in various environments. NEC Article 300.11 and the related articles in other articles are emphasized.  With the inspectors looking at our work, let us do it in a workmanlike manner.
This class meets the State requirement for 2 Code hours.

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