ISTE 2020

ISTE Scholarship requirements – Anaheim – June 28- July 1, 2020:

All staff are welcome to apply for an ISTE travel scholarship which will cover the cost of transportation and hotel for selected individuals who attend ISTE. ISTE, International Society of Technology in Education, holds the largest conference for classroom technology integration in the nation and membership includes access to many special interest groups. Each year ECMECC intends to assist 5-10  SELECT educators in the co-op to attend.

The Conference includes:

  • Four full days brimming with interactive, inspirational and highly relevant professional learning opportunities.
  • Three powerful keynote presentations on big ideas from the field of education and beyond.
  • Your choice of hundreds of sessions in a variety of formats, including lectures, BYODs, and hands-on learning environments.
  • Access to a massive Expo Hall featuring the latest ed tech products and services from more than 500 companies and 1,400 industry reps.
  • Unlimited networking opportunities with nearly 21,000 educators, education leaders and corporate representatives from around the world.
  • To see what you will miss, take a look at last years event,

ECMECC Responsibilities:

The total cost of Transportation and Hotel, selected by ECMECC staff, will be provided as part of the scholarship. No substitutions, reimbursement, or other compensation will be allowed.

Recipient Responsibilities:

All recipients will attend three pre-conference meetings at ECMECC to help you prepare for the experience.

Each evening at the conference, we will have a short debriefing to share information regarding the sessions you attended and prepare for the next day.

Upon return, you will be asked to share your experience with your home district and take part in a panel discussion at the Lake ECMECC conference on August 4th, 2020.

We request that you present a session at Lake ECMECC on a topic you may have been inspired by at ISTE.

Letter of Support:

Support letter(s) from your district administrator(s) should indicate that you and the district are in agreement as to who will pay the cost of registration for the conference, $550 in 2019.
ECMECC will not contribute to the cost of registration or membership, this is the responsibility of the participant in conjunction with their district and must adhere to district policies and guidelines.
** to be submitted with the application

Video submission:

Applicants will submit a 1-3 minute dynamic video that highlights how technology use has transformed your teaching practice. For example, how to add your picture to your Google mail account, how to add students to Google Classroom, or how to create a playlist on YouTube. This video should be uploaded to YouTube and the link shared with the application submission. It is the goal of ECMECC to see what you know, how you communicate it, and to see how you use tools already available to you. This video may include your classroom, students, yourself, or your colleagues. It is a chance to be creative while also demonstrating your abilities to use technology or learn from a friend.
** to be submitted with the application

Application Form is Online!

The application form is Available at this time.  All applications, videos, and letters of support must be submitted online at one time.