Interactive Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing and the Dollar Bank

ECMECC has established a “content dollar bank” to fund (or supplement) the cost of a small number of video conference events in classrooms in EMCECC member districts. Each district will have access to a limited amount of funding based on the size of the teaching staff and is available on a first-come, first served basis. However, to qualify, you must submit this form and show a direct connection between the chosen video conference content and your classroom curriculum. Completing the form does NOT guarantee that the conference will be funded but is the first step in requesting funding assistance.

Search the or the National Park Service

ECMECC can help you facilitate these connections, however, please allow a MINIMUM of 30 days to arrange a video conference.  Search the for a large list of content provider offering.  Additional places to search for content.

If you have questions, please contact Jon Larson, ECMECC Technology Integrationist, at or 320-396-5214.

How to find, book, pay and prepare your students for an Interactive Video Experience.